Sunday, 17 April 2016

IATEFL 2016 David Crystal plenary

IATEFL Birmingham 2016
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Plenary- David Crystal
Who would of thought it? The English language 1966-2066

David Crystal captivates his audience with a presentation of language changes which have been taking place over the years to these days. He also reflects on how changes will develop in the future. Language change has always fascinated David Crystal. His presentation about changes in words and grammar is great of interest to all teachers and users of the English language. See below some parts of his talk:

·         He presents new words entering the language like pocket dial (call by accident) or wavy (stylish).

  •          Modals like must, shall and may have decreased in use.
  •          The progressive aspect is on the increase. Static verbs developed dynamic uses:  I’m needing a new coat. I’m knowing the answer.
  •          There are positive attitudes to regional accents nowdays.
  •          A new usage can be around in seconds nowdays. 
  •      Variants are bound to exist and spread fast due to the Internet.
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