Thursday, 17 November 2016

Blog Talk: The Curse of Ms Black

An urban myth tells us that if you dare to become a teacher, like Ms Black, you'll be doomed
  • to commute long distances every day.
  • to carry a back-breaking load of books and papers everywhere you go.
  • to walk, trip, skip, hop and other kinds of ‘workout activities’ in crowded  classrooms.
  • to try to remember hundreds of different names every year.
  • to miss most weekends doing PC  (preparing and correcting).
  • to work in the hottest and coldest classrooms on earth.
  • to persuade 'I-couldn’t-care-less’ people to provide a decent a budget for education.
  • to be an amateur therapist to parents, students and fellow teachers.
  • to constantly have to explain to people that being a Teacher of English is more than just having a good command of the language.
  • to doing useless paper work rather than educating people.
aren’t  teachers the happiest professionals who walk the streets today? Most people look drained of energy and hopeless; but teachers are still enthusiastic and have fun planning and organizing events in hopes of making learning enjoyable for students.

Teachers like teaching because, unlike accountants, they are in contact with kids and young people who still believe the world is a wonderful place with a good future to come. It’s the teacher’s job to help them communicate with that world, opening doors to learning about other cultures, entertainment, places in the world, people, better job opportunities, just  to mention a few.

So, by being a teacher, you’ll be given the opportunity…
  • to live in contact with ‘the future’.
  • to have fun with your students.
  • to experience a feeling of renewal when discovering the world with your students every day.
  • to see the world in terms of building and creating.
  • to have the honorable job of giving people the tools to become better individuals.
  • to do real teamwork with other teachers even if not demanded by the authorities.
  • to learn from your students as much as they learn from you. 
  • to be invited to birthday parties, weddings and family reunions, just because your students love you.
  • to find pleasure in simple activities like reading a good story or cooking a good meal.
  • to have a smile on your face because, in a money-oriented world, you know how to live without it!
So maybe...
we need to scream louder sometimes just to get what we deserve in order to make of this enriching job a profession respected by everyone.

What do you think? 

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